Wednesday, December 3, 2014

 Welcome to... We Hear YA! 

Q: What's - We Hear YA!?

A collaborative space where YA writers connect with their teen audience (and vice versa!) 

On this blog, I'll be interviewing teens about their POVs on tons of topics, including books and school and what's got them fired up. I'll also spotlight new books by YA authors, and toss in some celebrity teen coverage. 

A quick but about me... 

I'm a novel writer, entertainment reporter, actor, and creative junkie. My hope for this blog is to combine my passion for learning more about people with my daily determination to become the most gripping and honest YA author possible. 

SO STAY TUNED. And please... add a comment about what you would like to see covered here.  

Thanks! Smiles, Kelly


  1. This looks cool! As a teen writer/reader, this is definitely something that interests me. :-)

    1. Thanks Aimee! Another post will go up next week. Hope you'll follow us. And perhaps we can interview you one day?! Smiles, Kelly @WeHear_YA