Monday, January 12, 2015

Business Owner * Image Changer * Millennial to watch - MEGAN GRASSELL

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Today: GET READY TO BE WOWED! By Yellowberry company owner, 19 year old  - Megan Grassell!

@Megrassell began her own company @Yellowberrybras at age 17, and today she is on Yahoo! Style's list of Millenials to watch in 2015

The idea for Yellowberry first came to Megan when she saw her 13 year old sister try on a "leopard push-up bra that was as empty and as fake as the ad on the wall beside her." 

“Mary Margaret, you can't wear that!” Megan whispered. A mere week later, Megan decided “I’m going to make my own bras for girls.”

Hooray for you Megan!

We Hear YA! is thrilled to share this determined teen's hopes and insights...

Hello Megan!

Q: You were 17 when you started Yellowberry - can you walk us through the mental hopes and fears as you began your own company at such a young age? 

When I first started, I literally could not stop thinking about my idea, brand, and vision for the company.  What made me the most excited however was that I gained so much confidence in what I knew and wanted for Yellowberry.  Each time I would reach out to someone who had started a company or been a success in the business world, I felt as though I always left our meetings with yes more knowledge, but also an even more solidified view of what I had already created.  That was really neat, because I learned my skills are really in the branding area, which is what I love the most!

Q: What are some of the specific pressures society puts on teens these days?

I think that each and every day we as teens are flooded with images of girls who are stunning and flawless.  In that way, it’s really hard to try to measure up.  I know that when I scroll through instagram for example, or any social media really, it’s so easy to literally side-by-side compare yourself to models and actresses.  However, as I’ve moved forward with his company, I’ve learned that it’s really just not fair to do that.  I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be size 2, nor be 6 feet tall.  And that is OK!

As for a specific example, I don’t really have one. But sometimes after enough small things stack up, you realize that you need to just be you, do you, and be comfortable in your own skin.